Web statement for Alice Series

The color is muted in much of this work, implying a dream state, a delicate place in which images dance and collide forever recombining to make new impressions. I am interested in drawing the viewer in, to question and notice the smallest details. These interests led me to children’s literature in general and the Lewis Carroll books in particular. Using the text, and fonts from these stories, as well as, referencing the original Tenniel illustrations in combination with my personal imagery the work creates an edginess camouflaged by deceptively sweet nostalgia. I sometimes feel as though I had taken Alice’s magic potion and am guiding a tour amongst giant talking flowers….

In the Alice work my starting impulse is often personal narrative, like a child’s invisibility to its parents, but the work takes on a broader scope. For example there is, a universality to the theme of “being invisible” the name of one of the extended works on paper series. In our society groups as diverse as minorities, women, handicapped, and even “the great middle class” have had that experience. Number 1. “Determined” combines drawing of myself as a child, Alice, text, botanical elements and mesh patterns. Alluding to feeling trapped by mind, history, circumstance, and psychological confusion.